People's imagination tend to go "wild" when it comes to the question of how the great pyramids were built.

Well, István Sörös is definitely not one of those dreamers who believe in alien constructors, flying machines and so on. He believes only in pure science and physical laws, nothing else.

He recommends his book with the following words: 'This book is dedicated to those who steadfastly are going to find their way out of mist, intent upon shedding light upon the secret of many thousands of years. I do not think to have a special talents, but as a civil engineer, I could put the already well-known facts together, and has come out with the most likely way of how the pyramids might have been constructed.'

Articles and videos about the floating crane theory:

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This 150 pages book called Pyramids on water, floating stones provides us so many detail to István Sörös' theory, that by finishing reading it most people feel really convinced. The only question that remains in them after reading: Why has not it been discovered earlier?


Illustration: Sample page from the book

Sample page

Chapter 2 Page:38-39


How can you be assured that this book really insists on facts and takes into account only well known physical laws?

For those who believe only to their eyes we made a big part of chapter 2 available for Online reading. So, you can see by yourself, that István Sörös insisted on the real facts only. Click here or on the thumbnails below for the sample pages.

Sample Pages


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